If you have gone through the process of deciding whether or not to start your own firm then I am sure you have begun to consider what technology you will need.  We will discuss specific tech items in other posts, but in our modern world an attorney really needs two things: his or her brain and a computer.  The question then becomes: what computer do I need?  There are countless blog posts out there about what type of computer to get.  These range from a full-fledged support for Macs and arguments for either from The Frugal Lawyer, but as Ben and I got started we found articles from Lawyerist to be quite helpful.

More than anything we have to agree with the Lawyerist article linked here and above.  You need to decide what you can afford and what you are comfortable with.  Ben and I decided to go with Macs.  The main reason we have done so is the compatibility with other apps and products we plan to use as well as Mac’s ease of use.  Further, we are limited in our resources so we didn’t want to have to budget for IT help.  I have used Macs since college (back in the early 2000s), and I used them when I was a teacher.  They are steady, secure, powerful, and they do what you want without fuss.  This was key for us as our laptops are going to be one of our most valued tools.

The takeaway: get what you are comfortable with, but be cognizant of what type of IT support you may need and what your budget limitations are.